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POVERTY Beyond the Penny

I have had the opportunity to participate in a book roundtable in the last few weeks. We are reading “Evicted” by Matthew Desmond. Interesting reading on poverty, as a social injustice. I would suggest that it is heart-wrenching, but more convicting as I read true stories in the very City of Milwaukee.  I realized that in my faith, there are poverty perspectives. I, myself, have areas of poverty in my heart, values and beliefs; even forgiveness. Poverty is a powerful representation of a person. It is more than just a household income, bank account and residence but rich and poor populations BOTH have places of poverty in their lives. The words of Christ carry a meaning beyond mammon: “The poor you will have with you always (Matthew 26:11, NKJV).” If I view it beyond material and manna, it is perhaps the poor within us all.

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Bring Back our Girls: Crisis in the Motherland

This blog, I challenge all readers to give a moment of silence towards the families of the missing Nigerian girls. Of course, this has been an issue for years, now, it has evolved into a crisis. My prayer is focused upon their future: The ministry of motherhood is in jeopardy.

The continent that is known as “The Motherland” is now experiencing the crisis of its very calling; the place historically referenced as where life first appeared. The Motherland extends history across the globe; her seed travels far and near. Over 200 girls have destiny, potential and promise. Over 200 girls at minimum can birth 200 doctors, lawyers, and global change agents. At minimum, over 200 girls can birth peacemakers and activists. Over 200 girls have mothers in mourning.

What are you doing about it? Is your day filled with meetings? Postings? Blastings? Scandals? Gossiping? Homework? Text? Email? Can you provide a minute of unity for the cause of destiny? This is someone’s daughter, wife, daughter-in-law and giver of life. They are wonderfully and fearfully made; beautiful in their culture and a wealth of intelligence.

Wicked warlocks of the earth have threatened their existence. Will we continue with our day with vain, selfish thoughts or will we turn our hearts toward intercession? The Motherland groans as life is violated.

I hold even more responsible kingdom believers to refocus your energy towards global needs and critical situations. Lay aside every weight of foolishness, vain discussions and slanders. We should seek the kingdom and righteousness and not vengeance or rituals of ruining others. Let us band together as a global faith community and focus on the larger needs of the land in which we live than boasting about blessings; instead, let us join in faith and promote the power of deliverance. Use your sphere of influence wisely.

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