No Dream Killers

DreamCritics can be dream killers. Critics are people that express unfavorable opinions about something they have no investment or passion. There is a great difference in having constructive feedback and obscure opinions. Never allow critics to crush your dream. They are usually in a posture of observing instead of working. They have a lot to say, but produce very little. So, who is really making progress? Protect and Produce your dream. #NoDreamKillers




Boredom is a BEAST!

Photo credit: zharth via / CC BY-NC-ND

I struggle to remain consistent in my writing sometimes because I do not exercise patience. I get bored with “trying” and “my efforts.” Eventually, someone gives me a kick about my blog and I am slapped back into the reality that this is not about me. Huh…if it’s not about me, I get bored. Ain’t that the truth for all of us?

Boredom can really cause discouragement and derail you from pursuing the good things in life. Where there is no interest, there is no return. Boredom occupies spaces in life that lack consistency, patience, and discipline. I believe this is why we are challenged with keeping our commitments. I am learning to push myself and demand discipline instead of living by feelings. Writing when I feel it does not exemplify discipline. Get up and get movin’ out of this state! #BreakBoredom

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