About C-Revelator . . .

Welcome and thank you for checking out the revelating blog! My name is Cheryl. My acceptance of my life quest has been a challenging journey, but I have accepted in my aging, to love my calling: writing and educating. I always desired the route of gentleness, but it never quite fit. So, here I am . . . this is who I am. My gift is one of a faith-revelator dealing with the deeper meaning of values and conviction. My writing is earthy and relevant. My faith in God is demonstrated and active in my blog and what I share.

My life is full and I continue to strive to make it bountiful and a blessing to others. I teach at University-level (yes, I have one of those PhDs); I am a teaching pastor at my church (hubby is the senior pastor).

I am a native of South Carolina; but I live with my family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I continue to keep my southern roots with cooking, and family.

 “my life purpose is to serve; in serving, educate”


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